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Payment & Materials

Materials are ordered after payment.

In an effort to speed delivery we typically source your order from several suppliers over the course of several days.  Please be patient for an estimated delivery date as we organize the fastest possible delivery date.


Upon receiving your delivery date, know that suppliers can, at any time, call us and delay the reservation of your materials due to supply side issues.  While this is rare, be open for the date to change.

We are making every effort possible to deliver your materials within a day of becoming available from our suppliers.  Please do not schedule your installer to be waiting for the delivery as factors outside our control may delay delivery. The best way to plan for a delivery if you are using an installer is to schedule them to start the week after you get your materials.

Trip Charges

Within the metro area of a showroom:

  • Your first delivery of lumber is free.
  • Your first delivery of decking is free.
  • Your first delivery of railing is free.

If railing and decking are available to us at the same time, they will be delivered together.

You do not need to be home for delivery to be made.

Please specify which side of your driveway you would like the materials to be placed.

Additions to your initial order require a trip charge based on distance from our locations.  See chart for trip charges.


Trip charges are assessed for returns based on the distance from our locations.  See chart for trip charges.

Non stock items are charged a 20% restocking fee.

Returnable materials are undamaged and still in their packaging if applicable.

Trip Charges

Distance Price
0-10 miles $59
11-30 miles $79
31-80 miles $99
81+ miles Per Quote